BTK Software designs spectacular, awesome and entertaining simulation gaming experiences. Enjoy exotic fishing locations from the comfort of your home, or on your mobile phone or tablet where ever you are in the world! We are dedicated to offer gamers and outdoorsmen a one stop shop for their social, simulation and real world requirements when it comes to fishing and hunting.


Exotic fishing locations

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BTK Fishing is designed to give players a glimpse of real world locations from across the world. Always wanted to experience that exotic fishing location? Well now you can. virtually or for real.

BTK games are entertaining and rewarding. Win real prizes with all the BTK games!

Book international fishing trips! Buy gear! Win real prized delivered to your door! And on top of that, stand a chance to Become The King and win an international trips!

Real Prizes delivered to your door!

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The first edition of BTK Fishing will launch on the 15th of July 2017


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